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Monday, November 1, 2010

Funky Halloween

Note the tongue: his signature move.

Chloe had tons of fun with Aunt Sunny
helping her carve her pumpkin!

She wasn't so sure about the slimy innards,
but at least she smiled for the camera.

Halloween night

She was so cute in that little costume,
and she had a great time trick-or-treating
-even in the rain!

We had a Halloween party that was a riot!

These two - oh man oh man!

The Count and the giraffe

I love my sisters! (and by brother - I didn't forget
about you JD!)

Giraffe woman

Punk rock thriller!

The count with some fancy vampire dancing!

A mute mouse! This costume won
the prize- Sweeny Todd on DVD!

Hula hooping cowboy!

Sexy nightmare pirate!

We ate chili and drank homemade hot
chocolate (Crystal style) and had lots
of other goodies! We watched Sweeny Todd
and had tons of fun! I LOVED everyones

Mama giraffe and baby giraffe!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apartment Pics

Here are some pics of my new place
for those who haven't seen it yet

Teeniest stove ever - it's amazing

Some fridge magnets me and Chloe made!

I had to include Chloe's bed, it's so cute!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

So far

Well, I guess everyone is wondering what I've
been up to since I've been up in Salt Lake, here's
a few pics of the highlights and harsh lights too.

Me and Chloe made magnets for our fridge.

Can't forget the homework, that's only about
half of my stack but I'm chomping my way through.

Did I mention paperwork? Look at that stack!

I made it to Farmer's Market last weekend,
parking sucked - but the rest was cool.

Anyone who knows me even a little will understand
why setting up my "wireless" router and printer (still
not successfully installed) has turned my brain into
electric spaghetti. This is a hate picture.

My favorite thing so far though
is making cookies with Chloe Belle,
she's a good little helper.

Check back soon for pictures of the
new apartment! Painted cinderblock
in all it's glory.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


We came, and saw - it was amazing...
and one but kicking hike.

Robert taking a moment to
connect with his inner one-ness.


Enjoying the grandeur

I climbed that... yeah, that's right

You should have seen her spider man crab walk,
hard to believe, but even more amazing!

A fuzzy little caterpillar

George loves lizards.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I had a chance to see the Strawberry Days carnival
this year so I snapped a few photos, talked with
some carnies and gorged myself on cotton candy!

The horses on most carousel's look insanely
rabid to me. They kinda creep me out with
their crazy eyes.

I think this picture is important in summing up
the overall vibe of the carnival.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Dog Day

Me and Sunny had the best hot dog roast ever!

Luke was the master Chef and we ate with George,
his friend Brett, his sister Stephanie, Chloe and
Dubs the dog.

These were seriously the best hot dogs I have
ever had! Luke made them from scratch - yum!

The man with the dogs

The sauce was delicious too!

George and Dubs- crime fighting duo!

I was just happy that we get a little sun,
since it IS June!

Chloe loves playing at George's house!

Stephanie is so fun, she plays hide and seek
with Chloe whenever we're around!

Out of all the cool stuff to see and do, Chloe focuses
on the littlest of details. She is amazed by ants, she
watches them and 'plays' with them any chance she